Union Parish residents take a stand for justice and fight for unity during peaceful protest


UNION PARISH, LA (6/7/20)– “Black Lives Matter.” It didn’t matter your age or race, these people came out to take a stand and fight for unity.

“We come from a community where we’re basically family orientated anyway. It’s just great to see everybody being supportive. As you can see we have different races here today so that speaks volumes for our community,” said Remonto Foster, Union Parish Protester.

These protesters want justice, so they’re playing their role in hopes to bring change across the country.

“The racial profiling needs to stop, the stereotyping needs to stop, and I just believe all rules should apply for everyone. Not just a certain type of people,” said Foster.

All walks of life…fighting the same fight. For one teacher, it was about standing in solidarity with her African American students.

“That they are not alone in this community. We are not divided, we love them, support them, and want them to have the same rights that we have. My kid’s matter, my student’s matter,” said Emily Stokes, Union Parish Protester.

For others, it’s about creating a brighter future for today, tomorrow, and years to come.

“And hopefully this will make a change for not only me and her but for generations on down,” said Dollie Henderson, Union Parish Protester.

Protesters say, “an injustice for one is an injustice for all.”

“It’s so important for us to be unified, to stand together, to support each other, and to show each other love,” said Stokes.

“It’s to benefit not just us, the black community, but it benefits everyone. Because we really want to live in love, peace, and harmony in the United States,” said Stokes.

In addition, to the peaceful protest, protest officials helped people register to vote and gave them voter information. They say this is one way they make a change for our nation.

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