Union Parish residents speak out about damage, issues caused by potholes, poor roads


UNION PARISH, LA (KTVE/KARD) The drive for residents on Daniel Road in Union Parish is never a smooth one. Potholes are in no short supply, but it’s not just this road that has them, residents say they’re everywhere.

Lisa Murphy lives in northern Union Parish and uses Daniel Road everyday, and now she’s in the hole financially because of what they did to her truck.

“My truck right front tire went off into a hole and it popped really loud. This morning, there’s a big spot of oil. So, I’m thinking maybe my oil pan busted” Murphy said.

She also says she was only moving at 35 miles an hour in a 45 zone when the damage occurred.

“I can’t afford it, I have to take care of the trucks I have. Come on! It’s been 13 years, fix the roads, we’re the highest taxed parish in the whole Louisiana. Come on, where’s the money going!” Murphy said.

But it’s not just paved roads dealing with this issue.

“Old people, they’re scared to get on them when it rains” says Resident Shane Vick.

Vick lives in southern Union Parish off of dirt and gravel roads. He believes the parish is indirectly causing the damage.

“Old people, they’re scared to get on them when it rains.” Vick says. “When they blade the road wrong, its workmanship, they leave a berm on the side of the road, where the water can’t get in the bar ditch or the trees are four years old growing in the ditch.”

And that’s when he sees them work… “today’s a work day, and the grater is still here” Vick says.

He has experienced damage to his vehicle as well, and has been spending years trying to do something about it.

“I’m doing the same thing some of them do. I’ve been going to the meetings, fighting with them, trying to do something. they say they address it, they address it” says Vick.

We were able to get into contact with the Union Parish Police Jury about the issues. They say its a combination of weather and lack of funding that’s dedicated to roads.

“They think they’re paying a lot of high taxes, but it’s not going to road patches or road construction.” says Johnny Buckley, President of the Union Parish Police Jury.

The police jury says they do not have an estimated time on when these potholes and roads will be fixed, but they said they will get to them as soon as they possibly can.

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