MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) – With the midterm elections soon approaching, ULM’s Student Government Association hosted the 5th District Candidate Forum on Thursday, October 20. The forum was meant to help voters learn more about the candidates that will represent them in congress.

Candidates at the forum included Democrat Walter Huff, and Republicans Hunter Pullen and Allen Guillory.

This was a chance for them to share their positions on issues concerning residents such as inflation, infrastructure, and economic development. The hot topic during the debate was inflation.

“The change that could show up in the economy could be twelve to eighteen months. we invested an increase in the money supply in March or April of 2020 and we’re just now seeing the effects of that,” said Democratic candidate, Walter Huff. “And, they continue to increase the money supply from 2020 and 2021. So, we’ve got a major problem that’s going to continue to be with us and interest rates and things that are high now, just wait, because they’re going to get higher.”

“Louisiana can’t survive at the inflation amount that we have right now,” said Republican candidate, Hunter Pullen. “We gotta get it under control. We have to stop spending money and stop sending millions of dollars to Ukraine. However, we just sent them $750.000.000 million last week.”

“Inflation was a manmade deal. Our president and the democratic Conrads. They are the reason why we have inflation,” said Republican candidate, Allen Guillory. “We have all the resources here. Why are we buying all from a foreign country, and then begging them to sell us all when we can make it all here? So, it’s an easy fix.”

Democratic candidate Oscar Dantzler and incumbent Julia Letlow were not part of this forum.

The 2022 midterm elections will be held on Tuesday, November 8th. Early voting begins on October 25th and lasts through November 1st.