ULM tailgating limited due to construction for new medical school


MONROE, La. (8/31/19)–Just beyond this fence, the game of the year will kick off for the ULM Warhawks and the Grambling State Tigers.

For years, this very spot–the Grove– has been the location for hundreds of fans to unite and celebrate the glorious sport that is college football. Now, all it is is a mound of dirt.

“We’ve had to move and it’s a whole new tailgating spot, it’s learning, this is obviously the first game with a whole new set up and what not. Nobody really know’s if it’s going to be good or bad,” said Harley Scioneaux.

Now a husband and father, Scioneaux is a u-l-m alum and former Warhawk tight end.

For Scioneaux and his family–football is a part of life. In fact, his family has tailgated in the grove for nearly a decade.

But the new construction for ULM’s medical school has pushed the Scioneaux’s and other fans out.

“There were a lot of trees where we were at. Obviously now, there’s not a lot of trees and shade, so that’s obviously one concern people do have,” said Scioneaux.

The blistering heat, taking on another meaning for loyal fan and barbecue connoisseur Norman Amos just a few yards away.

Like the Scioneaux’s, Amos has been tailgating these football games for years.

But he doesn’t seem to mind the change in location.

“I understand that you know, progress has to be made, and you know changes have to be made and we just have to adjust. That’s for the benefit of the university. For the university, we willing to move and do what we need to do,” said Amos.

It’s the end of a tradition for die-hard fans who are used to camping out in the grove, but despite the change in location, the team spirit remains the same.

The new ULM medical facility is expected to open sometime next year.

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