MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) – History was made the instant the first black woman was confirmed to the Supreme Court. 

There is no doubt that for black women across the country and all women in general, the confirmation of Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court, is a moment of pride and joy.  

ULM students and a political science professor are reacting to the news. 

“I definitely feel represented.” Says ULM student, Neriah Malatolliver. 

“I also feel represented by Faith Jenkins. She is another role model in the criminal justice industry and to see that another black woman stepped into that political field, that just gave me more hope and more inspiration that this door is open for not just my race but all races, all ethnic groups, all groups of color.” Added Malatolliver. 

That sentiment is being shared across the country on this historic day. 

ULM  professor of political science, Josh Stockley, tells me Jackson’s appointment to the high court will likely help current law students. He also hopes more law firms will promote or hire minority partners. 

“You hope that this confirmation opens more doors both in the federal circuit and our legal community.” Says Stockley. 

“The fact of the matter is this legal profession remains dominated by white males.” Stockley explains.  

Stockley says it’s vital for students to see they are being represented in government and Thursday’s confirmation shows that. 

“If you work hard, you can do it. I feel like for many decades a lot of people probably thought that that was a hollow promise, but today it’s just a reminder that The United States is moving closer and closer to structures that represent the nation.” Explains Stockley

“It’s been a hard time for black women and black people in general, and women in general, so the fact that it’s a black woman in the Supreme Court, it gives me hope for my practice ” Says another ULM student, Jahzay Breon Baptista. 

“I actually wanna open up my own practice, an OB-GYN, so that gives me hope that I can achieve those because the world is evolving.”