ULM Staff host COVID-19 seminar to give tips on staying safe to ULM community


MONROE, La (03/17/20) — Staff at the University of Louisiana at Monroe are doing everything they can to inform their community about COVID-19 and precautions to take. Their seminar today explained how to practice social distancing and why they say it’s one of the most important precautions to take.

“It’s not protecting just me, it’s protecting everyone, it’s being a good citizen, it’s thinking about the good of everyone, even though you’re stuck at your house,” said Ashley Wiltcher, Program Leader at ULM School of Nursing.

Staff were quick to dispel the idea that COVID-19 is all a hoax. “The people that have family members that have died of this would argue that no it’s not. When it was in Italy, or China, that’s different. It’s now in Louisiana,” said Wiltcher.

They say although there are currently no reported cases in Ouachita Parish, it still hits home knowing it’s nearby. “There’s families in south Louisiana. I don’t know them personally, but I have seen pictures of their loved ones circulating that they have passed away from COVID-19,” said Wiltcher.

On the live feed, students were able to hear more about specific tips that are harder to practice. “One statistic says, a human touches their face on average 90 times.” The staff even spoke about the vaccine in development, but say it will still be months before it’s available to the public. It is…been designed to protect against COVID-19.”

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