Two Winnsboro parks set to see upgrades soon


WINNSBORO, LA (02/25/20) “They are in less than standard conditions” says Keiona Wesby, member of the Franklin Parish Police Jury, District 5. It’s anything but a walk in the park for two of Winnsboro’s community parks. Ester Credit and Ephron Rollins Memorial parks are dealing with aging, failed past upgrades and crime, which has lead them in their current condition.

The Franklin Parish Police Jury and the Winnsboro Main Street Economic Development Committee are teaming up to give the parks the TLC they need. Their plan is to overhaul everything existing at both parks.

“I have a vision, and what I would love to see is for them to actually look like a park. And when I say that, I’d like to see updated swings, I would like to see swings, period. I’d like to see updated playground equipment. I’d love to see the decent, working, functional basketball park areas. I’d like to see a striped basketball court area, if possible. Fencing. Lighting, Just basic necessities a park should have” Wesby says.

Money has already been put aside for some of the renovations.

“It’s very small, but we have a budget set aside for both parks” Wesby says.

They won’t be able to everything alone, and are asking for as much assistance from the community as possible.

“It’s going to take community efforts, it’s going to take donations, it’s going to people just really getting out there and putting in the work, myself included” she says.

Residents tell me they’ve been hearing about updates in the past but have seen very little if no progress.

“We normally use it everyday but, once they tried to come in here and fix on this stuff, they’ve been supposed to be fixing on it, they just put the lid around the thing up, the lid shed, and then they stopped. A year went by, the same thing, they came and messed up our yard” says Iechia McCarthy, a resident who lives near Ester Credit Memorial Park.

But residents are hopeful they will see changes this time around.

“Since she’s just now getting in, we’re going to give her a try and she what she’s going to do” McCarthy said.

Wesby says there is no firm start date at this time, and that the process of getting the upgrades going will take at least a few months.

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