Two Bi-Partisan bills are set to lower medication costs nationally


(KTVE/KARD) Even with insurance and other forms of coverage, the cost of life-saving mediation continues to skyrocket.

“In my practice, by far are the diabetic medications, particularly insulin” says Dr. Marshall Sanson, Family Medicine Physician at Sanson Family Medicine.

This also includes blood pressure and cholesterol medications, as well as EpiPen’s. But two Bi-Partisan bills, introduced by Senator Bill Cassidy, have now passed the House and Senate, and are geared to lower these costs for patients.

The first one is the Advancing Education on Biosimilars Act, which essentially makes more generic medication options available over name branded ones.

“People have to decide between you know, paying light bills, you and getting a certain medicine every month. You know, that’s a sad thing to have to decide between. So anything we can do make medicines easier to get will be good, so people can get them and use them” Dr. Sanson said.

The next is the Ensuring Innovation Act, which ensures that medication prices cannot be messed if slight changes are made to medications.

“Even though it’s not doing anything differently in the body, all the sudden it’s now another brand name and they have a Paton and they can keep the price raised up on them” Dr. Sanson said.

These bills would not only make medications more available, it could save Americans 54 billion in health care costs over 10 years.

“This legislation improves awareness for the doctor and the patient, that these drugs are effective and they’re less expensive. They’re good for your health, they’re good for your wallet” says Senator Bill Cassidy, R-LA.

These bills have been sent to the president’s desk, if he ends up signing them, it’ll be sometime this week.

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