TWIN CITIES (05/27/20) The road to recovery continues for the Twin Cities after the Easter Sunday tornado. Both cities made this possible, with help from the national guard, volunteer groups and residents.

In West Monroe, most of the biological debris was cleared within the first three weeks, but there is still some work to be done.

“Now is mostly construction debris. We have demo permits issued for four of the properties already, probably another one to three will end up being demoed as well” Staci Mitchell, Mayor of the City of West Monroe said.

Building permits have been issued for some as well. Clean up at Lazzare park will have to wait until ground conditions can dry out. Mayor Mitchell is proud to see her community come together during this tough time.

“Dealing with that in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic it does show us that you know, we are a community that loves each other. We’ve had a lot of people that have been doing feeding and have been offering other types of assistance like monetary assistance” Mitchell said.

On the other side of the river, Monroe Public Works has been working around the clock to clear debris.

“We’ve picked up over 4500 tons of debris. We’ve made about five rounds through the affected area.” Tom Janway, Director of the City of Monroe Public Works

Some of the most damaged structures have been cleared as well. More clean up expected within the next couple months. Monroe Fire and Police have also been stepping up to help the community.

“And they have been involved too in giving meals out, they have put money, taken money out of their own pockets to buy meals for those who have been impacted” Jamie Mayo, Mayor of the City of Monroe said.

Mayor Jamie Mayo has been working to secure more local, state and federal funding to speed up the recovery process. He says he is optimistic about how the community and other recovery groups are coming together to make it possible.

“It’s been challenging but we’re managing it and we’ll appreciate the opportunity to work with so many different entities to get it done” said Mayo

Mayor Mitchell anticipates that complete recovery should take around a year to complete. Mayor Mayo anticipates it taking a bit longer, as more damage occurred in Monroe. Right now, he said the city is taking it day by day.