Truck drivers explain how COVID-19 has impacted the delivery process


WEST MONROE, LA (04/02/20)– During the COVID-19 outbreak, the process of getting supplies to businesses has become a crucial step for our economy. However, for those truck drivers, it’s been something they’ve never experienced before.

“I went from running 2,500 miles a week to running up to 3,200 miles a week. Just trying to keep up with supply and demand. Its just been really rough for us,” said Karen Honeychurch, Truck Driver.

Life behind the drivers seat has been different as every new state they enter, they find themselves with new rules given to protect those communities during the virus. From not being able to wash their clothes at a laundry mat to the basics of having to eat alone.

“You go in, get something to eat, come out and you sit in your truck. It’s impacted us where we can’t do anything,” said Thomas Isaac, Truck Driver.

Others say being away from home is hard during this time, as some truck drivers don’t get to see their family due to an increase in hours or quarantining to protect their families.

“Well, I usually try to be home every weekend, but with all this change I just call my family and ask them “hey how are you, are you doing okay,” said Bernardo Perez, Truck Driver.

Despite the changes to their routine, one driver says they know that the Untied States of America is relaying on them to make sure every community in every state has what they need during a crisis like this.

“If I get a load that comes across my screen that says priority load that means I don’t stop. I don’t do anything until I get it to where it needs to be. That either has emergency equipment, medical supplies, food, water, you never know,” said HoneyChurch.

Truck drivers say the roads have become ghost towns, but helping make a difference is what they love.

“I feel good that i’m playing a good role at this moment,” said Perez.

The truck drivers say the next time you see one of them driving on the roads, give them a wave or a honk to remind them of how important they are to the community.

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