EXCLUSIVE: Town of Rayville responds to illegal dumping on church property


RAYVILLE, LA (KTVE/KARD) Since the pandemic began, the Kingdom of Heaven Worship Center in Rayville, has had a dirty problem on their hands. People illegally dumping items onto their back parking lot. And now, they want it cleaned up.

These items include everything from mattresses, to couches, to even tires. According to Pastor Hulon Leon Benjamin Sr., the problem began when the church had to close their doors due to COVID.

He also says he tried to reach out to the city, however, they told him they would not clean it up, which would result in them having to pay out of pocket to remove the trash.

“Somebody in city hall told me, I didn’t speak to the mayor but I spoke with the person on the phone, and that’s what they told me; I’d have to do it myself. The city doesn’t do that” Benjamin said.

The trash has also disrupted church services.

KTVE/KARD also reached out to the Town of Rayville, where Mayor Harry Lewis, and this is what he had to say about the trash:

“We don’t have control over illegal dumping and when we do, if it’s brought to our attention, what we try to do is address it, and try to take care of it immediately” Harris said.

He says the first step is to get Waste Management out there to clean up the trash.

“We contact them to make sure they are aware, and if they contact us as long as it is illegal, we will clean it up and then we’ll post a sign up that has no dumping in that particular area.”

The next step will be to get law enforcement involved to prevent future dumping from happening.

“We’ll relay that to our police department and make sure they patrol our area frequently.”

Within hours of reaching pout to the town, the trash was cleaned up, and the issue was resolved within a day.

“We have surveillance cameras down here, so you will be prosecuted for putting trash on this ground. This is a church parking lot this is not a dumping ground, not a trash pile. You want to dump something down here, dump some time, offering at this church down here. We’re about forgiving people, restoring people, you know, if you do it again, we already told you one time, if you do it again, you belong to the law” says Benjamin.

Pastor Benjamin also wants to extend his gratitude to the town for cleaning up the lot.

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