OAK GROVE, La. (KTVE/KARD) — The town of Oak Grove is teaming up with the Louisiana Humane Society to come up with a solution in reference to this issue that meets their standards and that includes a Spay/Neuter Program at no cost to the town.

Mayor Holland says the feral cat issue started a few years ago with three cats, now after reproducing at a rapid pace, over twenty cats have taken over the park starting to affect the squirrel population. This time, Mayor Adam t. Holland says he called for back up.

“I need a solution to the problem, so I reached out to Scott Dorsey, with the Louisiana Humane Society.” He says. I need a solution that is acceptable to your organization, the humane society, as well as resolve the issue at the City Park.” He says.

Mayor Holland says the goal of the program is to stop the multiplication of these cats. He says purchasing humane traps and sanitary feeding stations is a start. The mayor also says placing the feeding stations away from the playgrounds and the public areas, he hopes to bring the beauty of the park back to the community.

“So hopefully, this solution is one that will work. it’s worth the try.” Mayor Holland says.

Mayor Holland says until the humane society begins to execute the program, he asks people to stay away and not feed the cats.