BERNICE, La. (KTVE/KARD)- The town of Bernice is considering implementing a new zoning ordinance to help combat the issue of mobile homes being installed wherever they fit. Currently anyone can put mobile homes in any residential zone and the town can’t do anything about it.

“Were trying to get it to where we have a little more control. Right now, our ordinance doesn’t address it.”

Lana Patton, Town Clerk, Bernice.

Bernices ordinances were created in the 1980’s by the North Delta Regional Planning Development District and they failed to correctly define where mobile homes could and could not be placed. The ordinances also failed to give the town of Bernice sufficient authority to prevent mobile homes from being installed in areas where they could negatively affect the property value of nearby homes.

Currently Bernice has R1 zone and R2 zone. R1 zone is for single family homes and R2 zone is for multifamily housing. The new ordinance will help establish a zone for mobile homes and restrict the placement of new mobile homes in the towns R1 and R2 zones.

“The town attorney said we need an r3 zone. We have an r1 and r2 but r3 we would be able to say which part of town you can put mobile homes in.”

Lana Patton, Town Clerk, Bernice.

The ordinance meeting will be held at 5pm on September 12th at the town hall in Bernice.