MONROE,La (KTVE/KARD)–Students attending Wossman high school will soon have their very own health clinic. Principal of Wossman Dr. Harrington Watson III says the clinic will have a positive impact on students and the community.

Dr. Watson, “We’re looking at about fifteen hundred kids that can get services right in this area without ever having to leave their home school.”

Wossman High’s old Field House is transforming into a community health clinic.  The health clinic will cost nearly two million dollars and will have a nurse’s office, classrooms, and a on-site therapist for students. The clinic will be available for Monroe City School students, faculty, and staff. Dr. Watson says the clinic will keep students both happy and healthy.

Dr. Watson, “Anytime a kid feels good their mood changes , so if we have a clinic on base where we can say look if you have cough or a cold, you can go in there and get this done and let someone talk to you for a second and let you know what’s going on, then they can go to class feeling a whole lot better versus not feeling well throughout the day.”

The clinic is expected to open in August of 2022.