WINNSBORO, La (KTVE/KARD)– Alice Wallace was recently elected mayor of Winnsboro and took office in July. She has reached her 100 days in office.

Mayor Wallace spoke to us about her progress so far. “In my first 100 days, we’ve been able to go and revitalize two of our parks, doing painting and fixing things.” We’re working on our city pool. Next door, I’m opening a cyber hub. It’s called Townsquare Cyber Hub. We’ll have 10 to 12 computers where students will be able to come after school, and adults will be able to come on the weekends where there’s internet access. On the other side, we’ll have a small arcade. “We’re proud to say that we’ve been able to do the parks and every project that I’ve started since I started through donations from the community and grants.”

Wallace told us her plans for the future, including a festival. “In the future, I’ve put in a capital outlay for the activity center for the youth here in Winnsboro; we’re planning to have one; we don’t know how fast we’ll get it funded, but it isn’t our future plan to have a recreation center.”

Jayne Pierce, festival director, told us about the festival coming to Winnsboro. “This was Mayor Wallace’s idea to bring some fun back, so we’re really excited to bring the southern food and music fest here to Winnsboro on April 15, 2023.”

Mayor Wallace doesn’t plan on stopping the progress of Winnsboro. “I’m not the type of mayor that will sit in the office and wait on things to come to me. I’m rarely in the office. Matter of fact, I’m out here trying to make things happen for our town because we have to progress.”