MONROE, LA (6/30/22)– Its career day for hundreds of young students who are getting a taste of different career paths. For many, they already have their minds made up about what they want to be when they grow up.

“When I grow up I wanna be a professional football player. If that doesn’t work out, most likely go to music and work on my music career,” said Shawn Holloway, Sterlington Middle School

“A veterinarian, because I like to take care of animals when they’re hurt a little bit, but I try to do the best that I can,” said Trenneka Montgomery, Riser Middle School.

“Either like a sports person or a firefighter,” said Calvin morris, Riser Middle School.

“I want to be a physical therapist. they get a lot of money,” said Kameron knight, Sterlington Middle School.

“I wanna be a relator. I don’t know why, but I love houses and I love renovating them,” said Maleah James, Riser Middle School.

From learning about banking to a day in the life of a firefighter, these kids asked every question under the sky. For many, this is the first time they learned about all the different jobs they could have in the future.

“When you come to these things, there’s the news, the banks, the police, the firemen, there are so many different options they may not have thought about,” said Hunter Elyse, Morning Anchor.

” Well, I knew from a young age that I wanted to be a meteorologist and kind of seeing the kids come in and seeing their eyes light up when they actually see someone who has that profession,” said Lexi Birmingham, Morning Meteorologist.

While these students were a little too young to hire at the news station, that didn’t stop them from dreaming big and being determined to succeed.

“What I want to be when I grow up is a therapist. It’s better to help people first when it comes to their mind,” said Adilen De La Cruz, Riser Middle School.

“Football player. I’ve been around football since I was born and it’s just a love for the game,” said Silas, Sterlington Middle School.

“I would like to be an animator or a film and video editor. I draw and stuff and I think it’s actually amazing,” said Jamilya Gibson, Riser Middle School.

“I wanna be either a basketball player or a football player,” said Dariyuz Abraham, Riser Middle School.

“I wanna be a nurse when I grow up, to help people when they hurt themselves they can come and get a shot,” said Elijah Young, Riser Middle School.

The career fair was a great opportunity for these middle schoolers to start planning early for their futures.

“I asked a lot of questions. My momma said don’t be afraid to ask questions, just ask if you need to,” said Elize reed, Riser Middle School.

“You learn different things and you get the bracelets and pens, and it’s fun,” said Kade Hollingsworth, Sterlington Middle School.