WEST MONROE,La (KTVE/KARD)–The city of West Monroe’s redistricting is allowing residents to have the opportunity to elect the city’s first black alderman, West Monroe citizens say that having diverse representation matters in their community.

The city of West Monroe’s redistricting plan is giving residents the possibility of seeing the city’s first black alderman. The city’s plan will allow three aldermen to be elected from three new districts. West Monroe resident Clara Moss says she hopes to see an alderman that will make a difference in her community.

Clara Moss, “I was born in West Monroe I’ve been here my whole life and we’ve never had a person of color to come in and help. I want to elect someone so that if anything happens that they do their best to come in and handle it right then.”

West Monroe pastor and business owner James Boatner says the election of a black alderman can be inspiring to West Monroe’s youth.

James Boatner, “For the youth of our city especially our minority youth it gives another open door as to what they can reach to achieve. this redistricting and then the possibility of a minority being in office for some it’s like this is outrageously outstanding that this can happen, and it can happen in our day.”

Alderman elections are scheduled to take place in March of 2022.