WEST MONROE,La (KTVE/KARD)–West Monroe High students are teaming up to clean their community. Students say that the upkeep of their community is a top priority.

Emily Kahler, West Monroe High student, ” It’s better being out here like in the sun and stuff you know, trying to help the community rather than just like sitting at home and binging Netflix or something.”

On Saturday January 22, 2022, seventy students from West Monroe high school and surrounding schools gathered to clean their community.  Students began cleaning at 10 a.m. and completed their cleaning once all the litter was collected. West Monroe High’s assistant principal Cody Lewis says students filled hundreds of bags with trash, and that he’s impressed by their effort.

Cody Lewis, “I’m super proud of everybody that turned out today, they were working they worked hard. They came out in these cold conditions; I mean it’s freezing out there today and they worked their buts off. They probably each had two bags of trash and we probably pulled hundreds of bags of trash off the streets today in our local area.”

Students say they plan to continue cleaning their community as often as possible.