WATERPROOF, La. (KTVE/KARD) — Several students had the opportunity to be Mayor for a Day in the Town of Waterproof. KTVE talked to two of the eight lucky students about their experience being in the mayor’s office.

10-year-old Tayler joined the 5-week program and spent the day learning everything from social skills, talking to customers, patience, and more.

“It was fun. I was excited. I learned how to do the gas bills, the water bills, and the light bills. You had to write the person’s name who paid the water bill, and write how much it was for, and keep on writing their names and stuff like that.

17-year-old Miaro Binson was another student who participated in the Mayor for a Day program.
“I had a wonderful experience. It helps give kids opportunities to learn different things. I helped answer emails and phone calls. Say somebody calls for water bills or tickets.”

Mayor Jarrod Bottley said he also dreamed of becoming a mayor one day. He said the program was an accomplishment for both the town and the students.

“The main objective was not to make them mayor Bottley but to make them their independent thinker. It was to make them think about the future to already see what we have versus what we get when they get my age,” Bottley explained. “Growing up it was only a dream. I never thought I could be in the Town Hall. But to have someone my age reach back to the children of today, it had been a complete pleasure to see the smiles on their faces.”