UPDATE: Sheriff’s Office says lightning killed bull, not a bullet

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LINCOLN PARISH — (4/23/19) UPDATE: The Lincoln Parish Sheriff’s Office (LPSO) says lightning killed a pet bull in Lincoln Parish instead of a bullet.

According to LPSO, they began investigating the death of a bull at a property located on Graham Road in the Simsboro area of Lincoln Parish on April 8, 2019.

Initially it appeared that this bull was possibly killed by being shot in the right eye. However, after an extensive investigation into this matter, LPSO has excluded a gunshot injury as being a factor in the death of the bull.

An examination of the deceased animal revealed no evidence whatsoever of internal damage from a gunshot.

Furthermore, other evidence located at the scene along with the type of environment and the weather conditions at the time of the death led investigators to the conclusion that this incident is consistent with a lightning strike.

It was also concluded that the damage to the right eye of the bull could have been a result of the lightning strike or post-death vulture activity.

While this is still a very unfortunate occurrence, it is a relief to know that the death of this bull was not a result of any type of malicious or criminal activity.


ORIGINAL STORY: Lincoln Parish farmer seeking justice after bull shot and killed

(4/10/19) — A Lincoln Parish farmer says she is heartbroken after her bull was found shot and killed Monday afternoon inside it’s pasture off of Graham Road.  

“I actually walked down to ‘Bully’ and that’s when I saw he had blood coming down from his eye,” said Vivian Skains, owner of the bull.

She said at first she thought he’d been struck by lightning, but when he didn’t move she knew something was wrong. 

“When my neighbor came over and told me he had been shot, I just broke down,” said Skains. 

Her baby, ‘Wooly Bully’ a four-year-old two-thousand pound bull gone. 
The shooter taking away not only a beloved pet, but her sense of security. 

“Ever since I found him dead I been nervous. I mean in my own home in my own property, because there is somebody running around shooting innocent animals,” said Skains. 

The Lincoln Parish Sheriff’s Office returning to the scene Wednesday to continue their investigation. 
Since ‘Bully’ was murdered deputies said someone else in the area came forward to report their cow was shot in killed back in February. Skains said she thinks it may be someone hunting illegally. 

“I’m thinking it may be someone had a spotlight and shown it down in the pasture and saw ‘Bully’s’ eyes and that’s when they shot him,” said Skains. 

Deputies have removed ‘Bully’s’ head hoping to find a bullet. 
Leaving Skains herd incomplete as she said she sees him in his calves.
Now she’s awaiting one thing: justice for bully. 

“I need whoever did this to be arrested or apprehended or serve some time. Just the horrific act of something of shooting an innocent animal is just unnerving,” said Skains. 

LPSO is asking anyone in the area to report if they see anyone spotlighting. Right now, a reward is being offered through CrimeStoppers to anyone with credible information. 

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