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Update on Clinton email investigation possible in coming DOJ report

Fox News - With Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz expected to release his report this week, key lawmakers are anxious to learn his findings.

"I want to hear him say, one way or the other, was whether or not the Clinton email investigation was professionally done on the up-and-up and what he thinks about the FISA warrant," said Senator Lindsey Graham.

A senior house republican says he expects the IG report to be tough on former FBI Director James Comey.

"It's going to in my opinion justify and then some the firing of this person who made decisions that he could do what he wanted to do and not just in the case of the actions with this president," said Congressman Darell Issa. "But even beforehand. Time and time again. Comey from day one assumed he could do whatever he wanted."

The house judiciary chairman says some of the IG's findings will likely reveal there was illegal activity.

"I do believe there have been laws broken," said Bob Goodlatte. " I think that the matter with regard to Andrew McCabe and leaks related to that reflect on that."

There's also the broader issue of whether it's worth giving former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe immunity to get him to talk.

"If he has something to really deliver, I certainly believe it should be considered," Issa said. "Oddly enough though, in order to give immunity, the senate has to go and give notice to the Department of Justice and tell them what it's about so that may be a little more ticklish than you could think of."

Negotiations continue over whether president trump will eventually sit down with special counsel Robert Mueller.

Some have suggested the risk could outweigh the reward for the president.

A former independent counsel was asked if he sees similarities in his investigation in the Bill Clinton era with the Mueller probe.

"There's no question," said former independent counsel Kenneth Starr. "Any time a president is under attack, the president, or at least the president's partisans and supporters, will likely go on the attack. Hey, he's my guy and you're attacking my guy."

Another hot topic this week is house republicans wrestling with immigration.

A senior republican aide says conversations are friendly and ongoing, but there's been little progress with still a big divide over the legal status of the so-called dreamers.

A member close to the talks says if a deal is not reached by Monday night, you can expect the discharge petition to get the 218 votes needed and set the house on a path to vote on a bunch of bills that will never become law.

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