ULM Career Coach gives tips on cover letters when applying for jobs

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KTVE/KARD (WEST MONROE, LA) 7/6/21—- ULM Career Coach gives tips on how to make a cover letter when applying for jobs.

Cover Letter Writing:

-What It Is: In most cases (except for academic jobs) a cover letter is a 1-page letter addressed to the hiring committee; communicating your interest and qualifications relative to the role and company

-Why It Matters: Unlike the resume, the Cover Letter can articulate the relationship between your background and the job specifications. An Effective Cover Letter shows the hiring manager that you understand and can meet the demand of the role. 

-How To Write One: 

1)Your Contact Details – Name, Address, Email, Phone, Online Profile

2)Hiring Manager Details – Today’s Date (Space), Hiring Managers Name, Company Name, Company Address

3) Greeting – “Dear Mr. Jobs” or if you can’t source it, address the department “Dear Department of Human Resources.”

4) Introduction Paragraph – Get their attention: Interesting fact, story, or relationship that pertains to the role, state that you’re writing to apply for “X” AND mention where you found the posting.

5) Background/Qualifications – Sequence your experiences to highlight your journey, accomplishments, and transferrable skills (Use your resume and the job description to help you select appropriate examples​)

6) Closing – Reinstate your key attributes, thank them for the opportunity, and that you look forward to hearing from them soon.

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