JONESBORO,La (KTVE/KARD)–Recently a Jonesboro Fire Chief and a Jackson Parish Sheriff Deputy were arrested for insurance fraud. Jackson parish sheriff says that no one is above the law

Authorities say Brandon Brown and George Wyatt were both arrested after filing a false public record. Authorities say Brown and Wyatt listed themselves as the drivers of two Jonesboro fire vehicles that were involved in a wreck. After investigating the wreck, authorities found that brown’s son was the driver of one of the vehicles involved in the crash. Jackson Parish Sheriff Andy Brown says the department will continue to hold citizens and law enforcement accountable for their actions.

Andy Brown, “You know, we are to be held to a higher standard and he did wrong, and he needed to go. I think that’s the feeling of this department. If it comes up again under my watch, the same thing will happen, and the guys know that. I think this was something that these guys didn’t think would be found out and it was, and we dealt with it.”

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