MONROE, La (KTVE/KARD)–Monroe residents are voicing their concerns for Roe VS. Wade being overturned protest organizer Lauren Wilson says that women should have a right to decide what takes place with their bodies. 
Lauren Wilson protest organizer,” For me, many other women, and people with a Uterus this is just vile, it’s a blatant disrespect, against all of us, it’s a spit in the face.” 

 The protest began in West Monroe on Trenton Street and concluded at city hall. Women involved in the protest say that they are still in shock from the Supreme Court’s actions. 
Ivania Vallejio, protester, “For me it is just really crazy that I can have people that I don’t even know tell me what to do with my own body. This is my body why would I have someone else tell me what to do?” 
Helen Davila, protester, “After I found out I felt numb.I couldn’t believe it; I felt sad I couldn’t work.” 

Protestors say that they hope to inspire change by using their voices, and that women’s rights should be taken seriously. 
Lauren Wilson,” Really what I want is a discussion, there is no one size fits all to abortion or women’s rights you have to think about your daughters, your sisters, your wives and if these things happen in your home, you might change your mind.” 

 Those involved in the protest have also started a petition to bring more awareness to abortion.