MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD)– The Miss Black USA Pageant has been around for 54 years and has represented the African American community in a positive light.

Founded in 1968 The Miss Black USA Pageant has been happening for years but for the first time the Miss and Master Black Arklamiss is bringing a big welcome to the area.

“I know that I have always been one for pageants I have always had an interest. I never saw enough visibility of African Americans within the pageant and then also with the pageants there was specific requirements in reference to your weight or your size. I always thought why is that requirement so necessary and why can’t we have a pageant that is for all. I thought about that and I prayed about it and god showed me a vision to where we could have a black Arklamiss pageant”

Kenya Roberson, founder of The Miss Black ArkLaMiss Pageant.

If you missed out on the pageant this year, you can get involved for next year by contacting Kenya Roberson through Facebook or at 318-235-4840.