MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) — The City of Monroe celebrated earth day at the Louisiana Purchase Gardens and Zoo. Many vendors of the community came out to share Earth Fitness and Yoga activities, Nutrition Tips, and learning more about environmental resources in Monroe.

The event Coordinator for the City of Monroe Community Affairs shared why it was important to have the Earth Day event.

“It’s earth day it’s so great for the community lets kids know that they can be planners in less them know that they can have healthy lives in it lets them know the community is there for them it benefits them in so many ways,” said Ross.

Board member of Friends of Black Bayou Lake National Wildlife and Refugee Ann Smith says,

“We like to celebrate earth day with friends away by you because we’re all about conservation so that’s what the whole wildlife refuge system is nationwide is it’s a conservation effort fireman for the animals and plants that are native to different areas so that’s what we’re all about. We set up here with different nature pictures for the kids to color.” Said Smith.

Fitness Trainer and the former Miss University of Louisiana at Monroe Asja Jordan shared how exciting it was to get the kids into some fitness exercises at the event.

“Fitness and yoga physical exercise and mental health is a really important aspect to what I do and it’s not that I’m so passionate about this is our second annual earth day event so sing the kids just gather around and get energized and move and groove with me meant a lot to me”

We caught up with some of the kids who were at the event and told us what Earth Day meant to them.

Jackson Heart said, “I love the earth so good.”

Sister and Brother Milani & Mickey Govan went on to say, “Tell me how much fun you guys have celebrating earth day here I have a lot of fun and I love earth day I had a lot of fun too.”

To conclude the event members from Friends of Black Bayou Lake National Wildlife and Refugee gave out a Pledge to the kids and it said Earth Day pledge I promise to take care of the Earth, are home.