FARMERVILLE, La (KTVE/KARD)– A previously failed property tax renewal that affects union parish schools was on the ballot last week for a second time and failed again. The tax renewal was a 15-mile property tax that affects not only the public schools in the area but also the charter schools. The tax renewal failed 51 to 49%. We spoke to the superintendent of Union Parish Schools about what effect this will have on the schools.

Kristy Fine, superintendent of Union Parish schools, told us more about the tax renewal. ” “We actually brought it up as a renewal last November, in November of 2021. And it failed again, this time by a margin of 51 to 49%. So we had to bring it up again this November, for the second and final time as a renewal, and it failed again, 51 to 49%. 

Fine also said how this could affect the parish schools. “This will result in significant cuts, which will be distributed across various areas; layoffs are possible; that is something we do not want to discuss.” 

Fine told us why she thought the public voted against it. “I think it’s a combination of things. Inflation, I believe, does not affect everyone’s paychecks as much as it once did. And so folks are looking for any way to cut costs. “People don’t like being taxed, and people don’t want to be taxed, and I understand that.”

If the tax renewal fails, some tough decisions could be coming. Fine said, “Union parish schools cannot survive on a $2.2 million cut, and so there are just going to be some tough decisions that will have to be made.”