TALLULAH, La. (KTVE/KARD)– The city of Tallulah held a health and entertainment fair at Wright Elementary on Saturday, August 20. This was a event for the whole family with activities like Zumba, and free health scanning’s. This event was held by AmeriHealth Caritas Louisiana.

Grover Harrison, Director of community health and outreach gave insight on this event. this event is caritas on the move and its our signature event it travels throughout the state we look for areas are in need of additional resources we find and identify the resources that are actually in their location in their areas there’s several entities of multitude from children all the way to adult resources being offered here in the community.”

Paula Brooks, Director of communication and marketing said this is an important event to the community, “its important to the community because they are getting access to resources that they might not otherwise get access to.”

Kyle Godfrey, Chief operating officer is glad to see the community being involved in this event. “I see Tallulah engaging and that’s what you want kudos to the community and the engagement and the willingness to participate.”