MADISON PARISH, La (KTVE/KARD)– One area struck by devastating storms was Madison Parish. The storm was so powerful that it shifted a house six feet from its foundation.

Hayley Sanders was inside the home with her one-year-old son when the storm hit and told us what happened. “I knew there was a lot of bad weather going on, and I’d been watching it, but it wasn’t mentioning anything about my side or anything, so I just shut it off and tried to go to sleep.” And about probably about 1130 At night I heard loud crashing I could feel my whole house moving. and my first instinct was to just grab my son; he was asleep next to me, so I just snatched him up. just incredible noise. I cannot describe the noise. It it just sounded just so so scary and so bad. I realized what was going on; it was for sure a tornado, and my house was moving. I kept trying to get my balance. I hunkered down in my closet in my bedroom, which was the safest spot. My room was the only one that wasn’t touched. “Everything else was demolished on the inside.”

Sanders isn’t sure what the next step is for her and her son following the storm. “I really haven’t thought that far ahead right now; we’re just trying to sift through the rubble and get what I can out of it, which isn’t very much.”

Sanders says she is lucky that everything she lost is replaceable and that she and her son were unharmed. “I lost everything, okay; my car is gone.” My house is gone—literally just a few clothes I could save, and that was about it. Everything I’m literally going to have to start from scratch, but I’m alive and that’s what I could thank God for.”