Sterlington property manager demanding the town to fix raw sewage problem.

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MONROE,La-(KTVE/KARD) One Sterlington property manager says he’s dealing with a dump of problems that the town is taking their time to fix. Allen Tubbs property manager “I have a problem here that I want to get corrected that’s all I’m after”

Allen Tubbs is the property manager of Paragon Estates. Due to a broken pipe he and his residents are constantly dealing with the smell and sight of raw sewage in their backyards Mr. Tubbs says this problem is affecting is home and way of life

Allen Tubbs property manager “The grass is dead, it smells bad, my wife and i like to come out on the patio here and drink coffee in the morning and when you got this going on back here behind you, you can’t stay out here drink coffee or do anything else.”

Not only is this problem affecting the way he lives, but it’s also affecting his ability to do his job.

Mr. Tubbs “One of my jobs is to try to keep the apartment full and rented out all the time if I got a situation like this going on not many people are going to want to move inside that.

The broken pipe causing this problem belongs to the town of Sterlington. Mayor of Sterlington Caesar Velasquez says the city has done what they can to help.

Caesar Velasquez mayor of Sterlington “We have done everything we can, whenever there is an issue, and have responded. We’ve had several different issues that have come up and we have repaired those problems. We don’t play around when it comes to sewer. It stinks and it’s not nice, so we want to make sure that we’re doing what the state law requires us to do to maintain our permit to operate. “

Mr. Tubbs says he plans on hiring a lawyer if the problem isn’t fixed soon, we will keep you updated with this story.

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