STERLINGTON, La (KTVE/KARD)– The Sterlington mayor race is one of the major run-off races in the Arklamiss. We spoke to both candidates about their final campaign push.

Matt Talbert, the mayoral candidate, told us what his team did for their final campaign. “So we felt really good going into the runoff.” 30 days seems like a long time, but when you’re out working in the community and meeting with folks, 30 days pass really quickly. So, you know, we’ve done a lot of work in the last 30 days. “And really, these last few days, we’ve spent our time reaching out to citizens and encouraging them to vote.”

Caesar Velasquez, the current mayor, also spoke about his campaign. “What we’ve been doing is basically concentrating on meeting everyone, going door to door, and talking to everyone either on the phone or in person; I’ve been trying to do it mostly in person because it’s more personal to me and I prefer that approach.” 

Talbert told us his plans if he were to be elected. “We must pursue grant funding aggressively.” We have to rebuild our police department and our sewer department. All of this stuff needs to happen. And we have the means by which to do that now. So we believe that Sterling needs new leadership, and that’s what we’re out here to do.

Velasquez spoke about what he would do if he was re-elected. “Just to recap a little bit of history, when I first took office, we were in a very bad financial situation.” So we’ve not been able to do anything proactively. This year we are looking at having a surplus fund so that we are going to be able to start doing some things a little bit more proactively and working with economic development. “That’s probably going to be one of my biggest pushes, the economic development, trying to bring in more businesses and drive that aspect of it.”