Sterlington Dominates Wossman and Improves to 7-0

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Much like most of the games in the area today, Wossman and Sterlington delayed due to heavy rain and lightning, but there was football to be played.

How about this for a start for the Wildcats, quarterback Zay Wooten will motion out of the formation, the snap will go to running back Terraus Harris Jr, who flips it back to Wooten and he’ll uncork downfield and find his receiver T’Sean Ward for a big play.

That sets up this little inside zone read for Wooten and he’ll take it in from 13 yards out and the wildcats would take a 6-0 lead.

That lead, short lived as on the first play of the next drive Romaj Hatfield, get used to his name tonight takes it a full 62-yards to give the Panthers a 7-6 lead.

The wind, blustery all night blowing over this tent right here.

But the wind not slowing down the Panthers running game, Jkeldric Miller gets through an arm tackle and gets in from 10-yards out and Sterlington goes up by 8.

Hatfield says don’t forget about me just yet. He’ll bully his way into the endzone here and just like that, the Panthers putting the hurt on Wossman it’s 21-6.

Miller would have an answer of his own, he gets loose and scampers in for a 21-yard touchdown, four touchdowns combined between the two in the first half.

Sterlington, a perfect 7 and 0 as they defeat Wossman 45-14.

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