UNION COUNTY, Ark. (KTVE/KARD) — In July of 2022, a former Union County Sheriff’s Department investigator, Joshua Luman, resigned after being arrested and charged with Aggravated Assault on a family or household member and Third-Degree Battery in June 2022. According to El Dorado Police, the victim contacted two other Union County Sheriff’s deputies on June 19, 2022, to check on Luman after being unable to get in contact with him on his cell phone.

According to reports, the victim traveled to Luamn’s residence with the deputies and they knocked on Luman’s door and bedroom window. Luman eventually answered the door and informed the victim and deputies that “he was fine.”

The victim was asked to come inside the home as deputies left the residence. Once deputies left, Luman allegedly grabbed the victim by the throat and questioned the victim about contacting authorities.

Luman then allegedly continued choking the victim until the victim became light-headed. Once he threw the victim on the ground, Luman went on to allegedly kick the victim in their ribs and poured a bottle of water on them.

Luman then went into his bedroom and retrieved a black handgun and allegedly told the victim that he was going to kill himself for what the victim had done. Once Luman went to his bedroom, the victim fled the scene.

Before the victim was transported to a local hospital, they were interviewed by the El Dorado Police Department. According to reports, the victim displayed physical signs of injuries to the neck and the rear side of their right arm.

Luman was eventually placed on administrative leave before resigning. On Sunday, September 18, 2022, special prosecutor, Emily White, was assigned to the case. The appointment means White will decide whether to file formal charges. White can also prosecute the case in the place of the 13th Judicial District Prosecuting Attorney Jeffery Rogers’ Office if charges are filed.