EL DORADO, Ark. (KTVE/KARD)–On Wednesday, “Responsible Growth Arkansas” presented almost 200,000 signatures to the Arkansas Board of Election Commissioners.

The board denied Responsible Growth’s recreational marijuana name and ballot title due to a description that omits the state’s current THC limits.

The group began collecting signatures early this year. They were tasked with acquiring at least 80,000 signatures before presenting them to the board for approval on the November ballot.

South Arkansas residents chime in on how they would feel if they saw it on the ballot.

Bradley Philpott explains, “There are so many other things that are legal like alcohol that lead to deaths yearly. I don’t think anyone has ever died while smoking marijuana. That’s been proven! There’s no reason for it to be illegal, especially when used by adults who know what they are doing, are in their own homes… just trying to live a good life.”

El Dorado resident Calli Biggers said, “I’ve always been against it… but I’ve come to terms.”

Markeith Cook said, “From every poll I’ve seen, it seems like a majority of Arkansans support, so I’m happy we have the opportunity to get that on the books.”

“Responsible Growth Arkansas” is continuing its efforts on the approval of the amendment. The group plans to go before the state Supreme Court for the ultimate ruling.