RUSTON, La (KTVE/KARD)– The day after Christmas can be stressful, having to clean and get rid of empty boxes and torn wrapping paper. Many don’t even know what to do with all the trash they collect during the holidays. Ruston has offered a solution for residents to help them get rid of their holiday garbage.

Ronny Walker, Mayor of Ruston, told us more about this helpful solution. “About seven years ago, we realized during Christmas, we all have lots of extra trash. So we decided to start providing roll-off dumpsters for our people. We have one at Duncan park, Mayfield park, Cook park, and Huckleberry Trail Park, and we also have a recycling center bin at our Public Works facility.”

Walker tells us how residents can even drop off their live Christmas trees. “So on Christmas trees, we say if it is alive or was alive Christmas tree, bring them, place them by the dumpsters. We will recycle those usually we have a lot of fishermen that want to come by and pick them up and use them for putting them out in their lakes and ponds. So, we will recycle those and hope people will take advantage of that also.”

Walker tells us that regular dumps are for all trash but to make sure to follow the rules if dumping into the recycle bin. “The recycling bin is in our public works facility on Tennessee ave. The only things you can put in there are paper, cardboard, plastic, tin, and aluminum. The regular bin will allow you to put anything you’d like to.”