EL DORADO, Ark. (KTVE/KARD)– One woman in El Dorado is getting a second chance at a sober life after struggling with drug addiction for twenty-seven years. Now, she is focused on receiving a new life through a recovery program at the Magdalene House of El Dorado.

“Pretty much anything that would get me high, that’s what I went for. I got sick of myself,” explains Farrah Knight.

Next week marks a major milestone for Knight as she will be six months sober.

“Two months after I came here, I was arrested for some old behavior. I have gone to court, I’m still awaiting court today; however, it has not stopped me in my recovery. What it has really done for me is to not ever do it again.”

The Magdalene House provides a three-phase program that gives women battling addiction a structured environment to follow a sober lifestyle.


When a resident enters the program, the first step will involve getting accustomed to the house and community, getting connected to local resources, recovering from past addiction, abuse, or exploitation, and setting goals for future success.


While continuing to stay sober and focused, residents will eventually work on their second step. This time will involve finding a part-time job to support herself. If residents do not have a GED upon entry into the house, this time will also be used to obtain educational resources and receive a GED. Residents are also encouraged to take advantage of educational opportunities to advance themselves during this time. 


The final and third step will be independence. Residents will work toward financial independence while working toward their own goals and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In the third step, residents will become leaders and examples of resurrection for other residents within the house. While staying active and engaged in the community life of Magdalene House, third-step residents will encourage and support newer residents of the program. 

Coming from an environment where she had no support, it was a blessing for her to have this chance to flourish in an environment surrounded by love.

Knight is currently in Phase II of the Step Out Program.

“They stepped in and they have been the support that I have needed my entire life, to get this right.”

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, abuse or sexual exploitation, reach out to the Magdalene House at (870) 918-6476 or online here.