Ouachita Parish. (KTVE/KARD)–Beginning August 3, a new electronic traffic enforcement system is in effect for people traveling through Richwood on Highway 165.

People driving over the speed limit will be closely monitored by new technology that allows officials to track vehicle speed. It’s the town’s attempt to crack down on speeding, increase safety and lower accident rates.

The system will help officers capture speeding vehicles more efficiently.

Richwood Mayor Gerald Brown said, “Our physical officers will still be out there, but this system can help us capture things in a lot faster method. A normal traffic stop takes about fifteen, twenty, twenty-five minutes. This laser system can do that in five seconds.”

The main area of travel and speed zone is on Highway 165, which stretches through the town located in Ouachita Parish.

Mayor Brown explained, “The biggest thing is to curb speeding and increase safety for our citizens, for pedestrians who are walking along the side of the road and crossing the road, as well as our officer’s. We have had a number of crashes and even some fatalities in this area.”

Traffic violations are taken serious in this area. Town officials hope this will lower the amount of accidents in the long run.