RICHWOOD, La. (KTVE/KARD) — Residents are showing a concern for the burial site of their loved ones. Residents say the owner of Richwood Garden Cemetery is removing tombstones due to residents not paying a $75 installation fee. 

Monroe resident Genoris Bridges says her father is buried in the cemetery, and the removal of his tombstone is heartbreaking for her and her family.

“My mom made a beautiful flower arrangement to go on my father’s tomb stone that has a vase, and when she came out here to the cemetery to put it there the tomb stone was missing. We finally felt like we were at peace by completing his gravesite with a tombstone, so when he removed it, it was like he died all over again that’s what it felt like,” she said.

Funeral by McFarland’s volunteer Donterrio Anderson says many funeral home clients have made complaints regarding the cemetery, but the complaints are falling on deaf ears

“It’s nothing that we can really do to fix this matter all we can do is try to reach out to the owner of the cemetery, but his response and feedback to us is he don’t care, and we’re tired of it, and something has to be done,” says Anderson.

The owner of the cemetery couldn’t be reached for a comment at this time.