JONESBORO, La (KTVE/KARD)— After last week’s election in Jonesboro and the mayor’s race having only a 20-vote difference. Leslie Thompson, the incumbent, requested a recount, which took place on Tuesday at the Jackson parish courthouse. Only mail-in ballots were recounted, and there were no changes in the results.

Mayor Leslie Thompson told us why he wanted a recount. “This is probably the closest margin that we’ve had, as far as the outcome of an election goes, and because of the seriousness of the outcome and the impact that it could have on the town, we wanted to make sure that the numbers were all recorded correctly.”

We also learned if Thompson planned on conceding. “If there were enough votes to contest anything, that would bring this into legal contention.” We would want to utilize that avenue. “At this point, we cannot concede until we have done everything that the law allows us to do.” 

We also spoke with Mayor-elect James “Spike” Harris to see what he had to say. “I feel good, of course; you know, it came out just the way that the original election came in.” And I feel like what Mayor Thompson did was well within his rights. Hopefully, we can collaborate on the transition. I’m putting my transition team together now as we speak. And, you know, we can go in and kind of change the direction in which Jonesborough is going. “So I’m looking forward to.”