EL DORADO, Ark. (KTVE/KARD)–Two special-called city council meetings took place this morning to address September’s agenda in an open forum.

All council members were present at this meeting which allowed residents to hear discussions of the items on the agenda.

“El Dorado is moving in the right direction,” explains El Dorado Native Barbara Peterson-Roberson.

Without an official city council meeting, which all council members voted to take place on the second Thursday of each month at 5 PM, important topics were left out in today’s special session.

“A council meeting would have given us the opportunity to go over the minutes from the last meeting, any unfinished business, if there were any announcements, things of that nature, all of that can be done in a council meeting,” said Veronica Creer, Mayor of El Dorado.

The next city council meeting is set for Thursday, October 13 at 5 PM.

This month’s City Council meeting was set for Thursday, September 8, but with a low council member turnout, the quorum was not met leaving the city with unfinished business.

In order to meet the quorum, five out of the eight council members must be present at the monthly meeting. Last week, a total of three council members along with the mayor arrived late because they were attending another event that took place at the Murphy Arts District’s Amphitheater.

“City Council is in chaos,” said Council Member Willie McGhee.

“I’m here to, and I think the majority of the council members are here, to take care of the business of our city and to better our city. That’s what we need to focus on,” said Council Member Vance Williamson.

Local resident, Sara Coffman says she attends every City Council meeting. She is hopeful that these issues will be properly addressed at the next meeting.

“I do have worries. I call El Dorado home. To keep a home strong, it needs a strong foundation and roof. Our shaky foundation and leaking roof need work. Not just at City Hall, but also at the auditorium and other city assets. In my opinion, meetings are not important unless you get something accomplished. Meetings are important when you work together and try together and take care of our community,” exclaimed Coffman.

Mayor Veronica Creer says it’s hard to work together when all elected officials fail to work with ideas they originally agreed on.

“The council decided to have one meeting a month, that was their decision. The council has to determine when the meetings are even rescheduled, there has to be a quorum. Since the council members are representatives of the city, it does not look good. They depend on us as elected leaders. We are elected to serve them to take care of the business of the city. There are sometimes where we have to step out of what we want personally to take care of the business of the city, that’s what we were elected to do.”