EL DORADO, Ark. (KTVE/KARD)–On Saturday, Central Arkansas-based Paranormal Investigators, GhostAholics spent one night at the Newton House Museum to capture activity in the same house that’s been in El Dorado for over two-hundred years.

The husband-wife duo recorded their stay at the home, ending the investigation with hours of footage that showcase spiritual beings there.

Nathan Glover said, “We caught a few orbs and the sensory lights that went off. We didn’t personally see those with our own eyes until we went back and looked on film.”

Maria Glover explained they mostly witnessed residual activity during the investigation.

“I can feel when they are in the room or in the premises and I felt it as soon as I came in. There is nothing bad there!”

This investigation simply offers a glimpse into what paranormal investigating can uncover historically.

If you are interested in visiting the Newton House in person, contact the South Arkansas Historical Preservation Society at (870) 862-9890.