MONROE,LA (KTVE/KARD)–The Ouachita Correctional Center’s tax renewal is up for vote on April 30th. Ouachita Parish Sheriff Jay Russel says that it is important for residents to vote on the renewal. 
Sheriff Jay Russell, “This facility is a necessity, it’s not something that you know is just here and we really don’t need it, but we have it okay, that’s not this facility.” 
The millage renewal failed last November by 56% to 44%. The correctional center serves as the only jail in the parish. Sheriff Russell says using one facility cuts the cost of duplication. 
Sheriff Jay Russell.” “Everybody books their prisoners in the Ouachita Parish Correctional Center, and it makes sense that everybody uses one facility because of extreme lines expenses, and it cuts down on duplication.” 
Ouachita Parish property owners will pay the tax for the correctional center. Ouachita Parish police jury president Shane Smiley says paying the tax will bring more revenue into the parish. 
Shane Smiley, “Across the country we hear about increased crime, and I think that a vote for this tax is going to show people who want to come here and do business with us that we’re working to keep our community safe, and we are.” 

 Early voting on the renewal begins April 16th.