WEST MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) — On Saturday, April 2, 2022, the children’s coalition hosted a family park day at Kiroli Park. The coalition provided lunches and fun for kids of all ages. West Monroe parent Jade Coleman says the family day gives her and her daughter quality time to enjoy the environment. 
Jade Coleman,” She gets to step away from technology, we get to get out of the house, we get to spend time at a park and have fun together while we communicate with other families” 
Coleman says that she and her family recently moved to West Monroe and that family days in the park create happy memories for her and her daughter 
Jade Coleman,” Family fun, we like to get out, we like to enjoy ourselves and meet new people especially since we just moved here not too long ago, it’s been fun. ” 
Children’s Coalition chief operating officer Antoinette Hoard says it’s important for children to interact with each other in their community. 
Antoinette Hoard, “If they are sitting on their couch, we encourage them to come to the park to be able to see the things that are in the park that they can experience but also to be able to have that child have interactions with other children.” 
The coalition says that they plan to do host more family friendly events in the future.