New technology at Fyzical Therapy and Balance Center in Ruston; First of its kind in United States

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KTVE/KARD (7/14/21) — A new technology is being introduced at Fyzical Therapy and Balance Center in Ruston. It’s the only one in the United States of its kind.

“This is a virtual reality, computer dynamic posturized machine,” said Dr. Jerry Yarborough, PT, DPT at Fyzical Therapy and Balance Center.

Dr. Jerry Yarborough says it’s used to assess a patient’s balance and vestibular system that uses a virtual reality element to transport the patient to a new environment which is something they can’t normally do in therapy.

“The plate you stand on moves up and down and side to side in a full 360-degree rotation unlike anything else,” said Yarborough.

With over 130 different programs, the technology simulates real-life activities.

“Whether it’s an uneven surface, stairs, going up inclines, down inclines and even the faster movements, without becoming dizzy or losing their balance,” said Yarborough.

While the technology does primarily help with balance, it also can be used for sports enhancement.

“Athletes have to move their head quick and they have to be able to maintain their balance. So they to can take our programs and enhance their sports performance,” said Yarborough.

It uses mirror therapy for those who may have suffered a stroke.

“Say someone’s had a stroke and one arm doesn’t work so with this it will visualize their arms working which creates neuro plasticity which makes your brain re learn how to use that arm that’s not working,” said Yarborough.

Dr. Jerry tells us he had balance issues in 2008 which made him want to specialize and help balance patients excel in their own environment; he says having this technology is life-changing for the area.

“For me, to be able to have this kind of equipment, to bring it to our community, is just so rewarding and just phenomenal that here in little ol’ Ruston. It’s just amazing that we have this caliber of equipment right here,” said Yarborough.

Dr. Jerry says his long association with Fyzical is what opened up the door to purchase equipment like this and bring it to the community in North Louisiana and South Arkansas.

He also says Fyzical Therapy and Balance Centers in Ruston, Jonesboro, and the location coming soon to El Dorado do not need a referral from a doctor to set up an appointment and insurance covers the cost of a session.

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