HUTTIG, Ark. (KTVE/KARD) — The oldest living resident in Huttig who is affectionally known to the community as the “Mother of Huttig” celebrates her 95th birthday today.

“Never thought I’d make it to 95. It’s with his will and not mine… I’m thankful,” explains Lenora Roach.

Mother Roach says her faith is what has helped keep her going through her 90 plus years of life.

Mother Roach lost her mom at just 12 years old. Being the oldest child in her family, she quickly had to step into her late mother’s role of caring for her siblings.

By the grace of God, she says, she became a mother of her own to ten children. One of those is her angel child that she lost during a miscarriage. She also lost a son to pneumonia when he was six and one of her adult son’s died years ago in a car accident.

“Thank God he helped me to raise them. I am blessed because they take care of me real good,” explains Roach.

Mother Roach has 25 grandchildren and over 60 great grandchildren. She’s just not a role model to them, but a role model to the entire Huttig community.

Everyone around town knows her as the person you need to go to when you need a little encouragement through scripture, hymn or prayer.

Her beautiful and soft voice has comforted many families at funerals, worship services and inside her home surrounded by family.

The City of Huttig presented Mother Roach with a key to the city earlier today and declared her birthday, December 16th, as “Mother Lenora Roach Day.”

On Saturday, December 17, her family, friends and residents in the community will gather for her birthday celebration in downtown Huttig at 12 PM. Anyone who knows her is welcome to attend.