MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) — As temperatures rise The Salvation Army is looking to provide shelters to those in need. The Salvation Army’s Jerry Casey says he would rather see inside than in the heat. 
Captain Jerry Casey, Monroe Salvation Army corporation officer, “Here with the heat situation I don’t want anybody overheating, I don’t want anybody passing out, I don’t want anybody laid out in the middle of the street or hugging a tree, just come on in it’ll be fine.” 

Individuals looking to avoid the heat are welcome to do so at the Salvation Army. Corporation officer of the Monroe salvation army captain Jerry Casey says due to the heat the salvation army will open its doors earlier than usual. 
Jerry Casey,” Due to the inclement weather it being hot we are opening our doors somewhere between one and two in the afternoon cause that’s getting into the hot part of the day.” 

The organization houses at least 56 residents every night and provides food and ice water to those in their care. Casey says no one should feel stranded in the heat. 
Jerry Casey, “If I wouldn’t want to be out there why would I expect someone else to be out there. I don’t want them passing out there and I don’t want them getting sick.” 

The Salvation Army is also collecting donations to help those in need.