MONROE, La (KTVE/KARD) Here in Monroe one family is mourning the loss of a sister, mother, daughter, and friend. Those close to Michelle Cummings tells us that she was one of the nicest people that you could ever meet. 

Michah Jordan brother of Michelle Cummings “Close-knit, fun loving, always having a good time, if y’all go over to the house right now they gone be cooking, and y’all gone be outside enjoying yourselves and you gone think you were a part of the family.”

Monroe native Michelle Cummings was killed by random gunfire in Annapolis Maryland after dropping her son off at the Naval Academy. Michelle’s brother Michah Jordan says this tragedy is making their family stronger.

Michah Jordan brother of Michelle Cummings

“Bringing family closer together unfortunately it’s under these circumstances, but she has kids that we’re going to have to step up and fill that void and it’s going to be hard to fill.”

As police continues their search for Michelle’s shooter Michelle’s mother Audrey Jordan ask to put a stop to gun violence.

 Audrey Jordan mother of Michelle Cummings “I am praying daily that this gun killing and all that around here for no reason will stop You hear about it on the weekends and you hear about it Sunday, and it’s just hard to for us to read the paper, watch the news, and somebody has gotten shot for no reason.”

There is a 20-thousand-dollar reward for any information in the death of Michelle Audrey Jordan says she wants justice for her daughter.

Audrey Jordan mother of Michelle Cummings “I just want them to be caught and I’m praying that maybe they will have a change of heart.”