MONROE,LA(KTVE/KARD)–Sunday May 8th is recognized as Mother’s Day. A local mother and son say they believe mothers should be celebrated every day. 
Linda Harris, “The importance of Mother’s Day is for everyone to acknowledge and give thanks to those that raised them, gave birth to them and just to show their appreciation, which should be every day, but this is our special day. 
Linda Harris is celebrating Mother’s Day by cooking her son’s backyard. Harris raised her son as a single parent and says that experience motivated her. 
Linda Harris, “Becoming a mother impacted me as a single parent, but it only made me stronger, it made me get up every day knowing that i had that little one that I had to take care of, and it was my duty and my honor to do so.” 
That little one is her son Damian Harris, says that his mother’s role in his life will never be taken for granted. 
Damian Harris, “She’s the first love that I ever had, and you know when you’re born man you come straight from your mom to your mom. my mom is a single parent and she did everything that she had to do to make sure that I was straight growing up. 

 Harris is spending Mother’s Day serving the woman that raised him. Harris encourages children of all ages to show their mother’s appreciation beyond Mother’s Day. 
Damian Harris, “We only have one we have to take care of the ones that we have , we have to show them constant love at all times , and me and my mother we learned each other along the way she learned how to be a parent and of course I had to learn how to be a child too so, and as I grow older I know one thing , I’m going to forever be here baby , and she’s gone forever be my baby.”