MONROE,LA(KTVE/KARD)– In Monroe on Allen Avenue first responders put out the flames that took place due to a house fire. Monroe resident Kevin Jones made the phone call that helped save the individual that was trapped inside. 

Kevin Jones, “Yes, as we were pulling up, we heard someone scream for help twice and as they screamed help, we kind of panicked, and we called the fire department, and they came out immediately.” 

On April eighteenth, the Monroe Fire Department responded to a house fire that took place around eleven a.m. Authorities rescued one person that was trapped in the home. Monroe resident Kevin jones says he and his wife called the department and that the house fire expanded in the blink of an eye. 
Kevin Jones, “It went from small to majorly engulfed in big big flames like the whole porch and the roof started blazing up, yea, so it was amazing that he even survived and made it out.” 

 The person trapped inside received immediate medical attention; Jones says he is thankful to have been at the right place at the right time. 
Kevin Jones, “Man, I feel like a neighborhood hero man cause lately the way things been going around here we didn’t need any more deaths, not right now, so yeah I’m just thankful that that man survived.” 
At this time the person trapped in the home has yet to be identified.