MONROE,La(KTVE/KARD)–The Monroe City School Board has recently approved new school zones and a new district map. Monroe City School Board superintendent Brent Vidrine says the changes will prevent schools from becoming overpopulated.

The Monroe City School Board is making changes to their school zones and district map. Students attending Sallie Humble Elementary and Lexington Elementary will have the option of attending Carver Elementary school or be grandfathered in with the old school zone. Vidrine says research shows that schools in the district may become crowded, and that the zone and district changes will benefit the school board in the future.

Brent Vidrine, “When you become overcrowded in the school then you have to put more students into a classroom, and that’s not good for the teacher, not good for the school, not good for the student, not good for their academic achievements. Our goal is that around year 25,26 to make sure we don’t have any overcrowding in any of our schools and that all of our schools are being used to compacity, and make sure that they are all serving our students in our community.”

The school board says it will take 4 to 6 years to see the effects of the new school zones.